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1. The JoDPRP offers the following subscription types:
i. Individual Subscription: Access to the journal content for a single individual.
ii. Institutional Subscription: Access for an entire institution, including multiple users.
2. Subscription Charges
i. e-subscription is free for everyone. Please click at E-Subscription Form for online subscription

ii. Print Subscription charges cover printing, dispatching, and related costs which are given below.
Printing Cost of Single Copy (including courier charges)
Local Only: PKR: 5000 per year per copy
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3. Subscriptions are available on an annual basis.
4. Subscribers will have access to the full range of content published during the subscription period.
5. Payment Methods: We accept payments via cheque/demand draft/bank transfer payable to the SDPI account only. Payment into any personal account is not allowed.
6. Print Copies will be provided only to the subscribers having print copy subscriptions.
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8. SDPI reserves the right to make changes to the subscription policy. Subscribers will be notified of any significant changes.
9. The subscriber is responsible for providing the correct dissemination information. SDPI will not entertain any queries incurring loss that may be due to an incorrect/incomplete address provided by the subscriber or a change in address without prior intimation.

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